Beauveria Bassiana – 100% best Organic Bio Larva hunter


Beauveria Bassiana is a bio-insecticide natural larvae hunter that contains Beauveria Bassiana used to control crop infestations by diseases & pests.

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Beauveria Bassiana is a deuteron mycotina fungus, naturally occurring in soil throughout the world. It is a parasite of different species insect pests, having a wide host range but also insects are attacked at larval or adult stages.

It can be mass-produced on locally available grains and other solid substrates. It is formulated as wettable powder, water dispersible granule, and oil based emulsifiable suspension.It is  effective biological insecticide that can control many many insects like caterpillars, army worm, diamond back moth, whitefly, aphids, etc..


  1. Beauveria Bassiana is a natural insecticide
  2. It is used to control caterpillars, grasshoppers, ant, beetles, aphids.
  3. Beauveria Bassiana is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to chemical insecticides
  4. Safe for beneficial insects and the environment
  5. Improves crop yield and quality
  6. No residual toxic effects
  7. Reduces the need for chemical pesticides.


Soil Application: Mix 3 – 5 kg 200 kg organic manure and apply uniformly to moist soil (1 acre). For tree crops, mix 20 g with 1 kg organic manure and apply at the base.

Foliar Spray : For 5 ml / L Water Soil Application For Root Grubs: 750 Ml-1 L/acre By Drenching Or Can Be Mixed With 250 Kg Of Organic Fertilizer Or Field Soil & Can Be Applied Uniformly Drip System: 1 L/Acre By Drip Irrigation



1 : Can we mix Trichoderma and Beauveria bassiana?

Beauveria Bassiana and Trichoderma are being widely used in different crops as an entomopathogenic integrated pest management and proved to be plant growth enhancers .



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