Dolichos bean – vegetable seeds


Dolichos samrat (yanai kathu avarai )(Lablab purpureus) is a legume which is cultivated to be eaten as a green pods. It belongs to the family Fabaceae ⁄ Leguminosae. It is also known as Egyptian Bean, Hyacinth Bean, Field Bean, Indian bean, Lablab Bean, Musical Bean, Tonga Bean, Sweet Pulse and Wild Bean.


Dolichos bean, also known as Hyacinth bean or Indian bean is an important vegetable grown throughout the north eastern hill region

Traditional uses: The plant was used as decoction in alcoholic intoxication, for the treatment of cholera, diarrhoea, globefish poisoning, gonorrhoea, leucorrhoea ..

Soil preparation

The soil is prepared by ploughing 2 to 3 times and then levelling by planking. Raised beds and double row system should be practiced for higher yield and less labour requirement.


Bush type – 15-20 cm distance on the ridges at 50 – 60 cm apart. Pole type 1 –1.5 meter apart rows and plant to plant distance around 50-75 cm.


During rainy season no irrigation is required, whereas during summer season irrigations at 5 – 7 days interval is must. Irrigation must be given only in furrows only.

Intercultural operations

Remove weeds by hands and if necessary use Kudali for tilling the soil for better aeration and crop growth. Provide bamboo or thread support to pole type dolishos bean for better growth and high yield of good quality green pods.


10 – 15 tones FYM/ha should be applied 3 weeks before sowing.


20 kg N, 60 kg P2O5 and 60 kg K2O/ha is recommended. Full dose of Phosphorus and potassium and half nitrogen are applied as a basal dose and the rest N is applied top dressed at 30 days after sowing

Disease and its control

Powdery mildew, phytophthora and rust are common diseases of dolichos bean. The fungal diseases can be controlled by spray of fungicides like Ditahne M-45 (2g/lt), Wettable sulphur (3g/lt) or Dinacab (1ml/lt) at 7 days intervals. Pod borer, aphid, hopper and agromyzid fly attack cowpea. Their control is suggested with phosphomidon (0.5ml/lt) for aphids and Carbaryl (2g/lt) for pod borer.


Crop is ready after 75 days of sowing in bush type and 3 months in pole type. Harvesting should be done at 3 – 4 days interval for getting good quality tender fully grown green pods. Bushy cultivars give 4 – 5 pickings while pole type cultivars give 8 – 10 pickings


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