Grow Bag (Round) HDPE 220+ GSM – Best Quality


Thick, durable and UV treated grow bag for longer life in hot and cold weather. Suitable for growing all types of vegetable, fruits and flower plants.

 For a plant to grow we have to create an environment; which is also easy to manage.

We introduced a container that is easy to lift or shift, we call it a grow bag that is UV treated, multi-layered, spacious, unbreakable, highly durable, less weight, cost-effective, environment-friendly, in different sizes . This type of Bag is ideal for cultivation on terrace and easily movable because of its light weight.

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Grow Bag

HDPE Grow bags Green & Orange 200+GSM

UV Stabilized bags

The HDPE Grow bags are extremely strong and UV Stabilized, Green exterior and orange interior – 200 Gsm (Round) which are widely used to grow all types of small plants. These bags can last for more than 5 years under constant use while resisting harsh sunlight.

The grow bags are made of synthetic with long lasting quality. Grow bags are best to grow individual plants or in pair. It is available in various sizes for variety of vegetables and shrubs.

These bags is ideal for vegetables, Green plants, and flowers and is the ideal choice for kitchen Gardening

Due to its Light weight and portability ,they can be easily moved anywhere around.

From vegetables and flowering plants to creepers, this thick grow bag can be used to grow almost everything.

Even with a full bag and plant, this can be moved around easily if any need arises.

They will fit into small spaces like balconies, mini-greenhouses, narrow borders at the base of walls, patios, porches and even windowsills. Enjoy fresh vegetable & fruits from your own garden.

Package Contents:  Grow Bags (Round)


Ideal ForChilly, Brinjal, Tomato, Lady’s Finger, Cluster Beans,

Lemon Grass, Radish, Beans, Carrot, Cauliflower, Beetroot, Cabbage, Rose ,Creepers ,Fruits and flowers plant

UV TreatedYes
Shape & colour


Outer Green and Inner Orange


What & Why HDPE Grow Bags?

High-Density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic material made to project higher strengths. These round grow bags sustain moisture efficiently for a long time and keep the plants healthy.It is an alternative to pots. It can be used to grow plants easily.

The colorfull bags make it look beautiful. These bags are economical and convenient, but also provide an ideal growing option for plants and leafy vegetables.

The HDPE grow bags are an economical method to install a comfortable home, terrace, balcony or kitchen garden. Being UV stabilized, the bags are thick and have a longer life in every weather condition.

In addition to high tensile strength and durability, HDPE plastics are produced primarily with post-consumer products thus making them a commodity of recycling. The bag’s ability to last longer adds benefit to preventing wastage and pollution.

The bag’s durability adds to its ability to prevent wastage and pollution. Our grow bags are UV treated, so even exposure to strong sun rays will not damage them (for best results, place them under shade’s ).) . Our stitching is unmatched. We make sure that each grow bags undergoes strict inspection process before being ship & sent to you.

How to use HDPE Grow Bags?
  • Put the potting soil mix (soil + fertiliser + vermicompost) on the bottom layer filling more than half of the bag.
  • Plant the seed or transfer young seedlings.
  • Cover with soil mix, leaving 1-2 inches at the top. 



Image shown above is Indicative only . Soil is not Included

Size in Inches

9×9 Inch, 12×12 inch, 15×15 inch, 18×18 inch, 24×24 inch


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