KN95 Mask Respirator Protective Mask Anti Dust Pollution 24 hour


Non disposable KN95 masks, for normal use, you can wear 4-5 times. (7-8 hours)

IF you go hospital or contact infected personal, mask can not be reused.


95% filtration, provide anti-dust protection for you.

Protect you from airborne particulates and pollution.

Elastic straps and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and sizes. Perfect for daily use and outdoor activities.

Anti droplet transmission

Anti pollution


Anti PM2.5

Filter PM2.5 and harmful substance in the air,protect your health!

Color: White

Size: free,unisex

Type: ears wearing

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Our KN95 Mask can isolate smaller particles, and fit tighter to the face, it is not easy to leak air from the periphery, and the filtration efficiency of particulate matter can reach 95% under standard conditions. It is necessary to wear KN95 Mask, if you must go to crowded places or markets, etc.  The elderly, children, and those with respiratory problems, it is not recommended to wear it for a long time


10, 15, 20, 50


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