Organic Vermicompost (500gm)- Manure


Vermicompost is 100% organic and unadulterated. As it does not contain any artificial chemicals, it increases the immune system of plants and increases the yielding ability. Your plant produces quality fruit and flowers. organic vermicompost is consider as black gold for farmers .

Advantages of vermicompost

  • Vermicompost is rich in all essential plant nutrients.
  • Provides excellent effect on overall plant growth, encourages the growth of new
  • shoots / leaves and improves the quality and shelf life of the produce.
  • Vermicompost is free flowing, easy to apply, handle and store and does not have bad
  • odour.
  • It improves soil structure, texture, aeration, and waterholding capacity and prevents
  • soil erosion.
  • Vermicompost is rich in beneficial micro flora such as a fixers, P- solubilizers,
  • cellulose decomposing micro-flora etc in addition to improve soil environment.
  • Vermicompost contains earthworm cocoons and increases the population and
  • activity of earthworm in the soil.
  • It neutralizes the soil protection.
  • 100% organic vermicompost
  • It prevents nutrient losses and increases the use efficiency of chemical fertilizers.
  • Vermicompost is free from pathogens, toxic elements, weed seeds etc.
  • Vermicompost minimizes the incidence of pest and diseases.
  • It enhances the decomposition of organic matter in soil.
  • It contains valuable vitamins, enzymes and hormones like auxins, gibberellins etc.
Weight500 kg


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