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Use this high quality Seedling tray to grow healthy saplings. It comes with 50 holes and can be used four times. Ideal for Germination of Seeds .Plastic seedling tray cell seed tray flowers nursery pot plant .

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Sapling seedling Tray is perfect for fodder and fodder systems, microgreens, wheatgrass, and germination of seedlings in soil or hydroponics for hobby or commercial growers. Propagation trays are designed to produce high-quality plants to fulfill your growing needs. Propagation trays are heavy duty with extra strength, making them easier to carry and move around.

For healthy garden

keep the seedlings moist and reduce water evaporation, keep a check and count of germination

Easy to use – use the seed trays for sowing, saving time and effort, the operation is also very convenient widely used in flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, and other agricultural cultivation

Re Usable And Easy To Handle Best Germination Trays Widely Used In All Nurseries,Home Gardens


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