Vegetable Foliar fertilizer – Perfect Biological Boost


Foliar fertilization offers a specific advantage over soil fertilization when plant demand for nutrients exceeds the capacity of the roots to absorb nutrient and when environmental conditions limit the effectiveness or prevent the application of nutrients to the soil.

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Vegetable Foliar fertilization can also be used to target growth stages for improved vegetable nutrition thus improving color, appearance, quality, and yield.

Foliar fertilizers are applied as liquid solutions of water and the dissolved fertilizers in ion or small molecule form.

Vegetable biological boost contains macro and essential micro nutrients.

Liquid formulation allow for rapid uptake when applied directly to the leaves.

Application of Vegetable biological boost imparts disease resistance in all vegetables:

Iron and zinc deficiency causes reduction in leat size and yellowing of leaves resulting in interveinal chlorosis.Vegetable biological boost corrects these deficiencies makes the plant to

grow normally.

Corrects copper and boron deficiency which causes of leaves with severe scorching

and maltormed fruits. It plays an important role in balanced crop nutrition

It improves quality, quantity, greener leaves and healthy plants. It enhances the yield upto 20-30%.


Mix 10 ml of Bannari vegetable biological boost in 1 litre of water for spraying. Repeat the spray at 15 days



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